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Вы изучать новые языки во время путешествия?

It takes him a second or two.

But he’s grinning.

"Да, довольно много. Usually ‘nuff to get by, though, rather’n full fluency. Gotta admit, Russian’s not one I’ve practiced in a while. Wouldn’ta pegged you fer a language geek, chief - or y’jus’ travel there enough or somethin’?"

Send me ‘Huh?’ and my muse will talk to yours in another language.


If my character is flirting with yours:

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ I am not trying to force a ship on you ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

[Post-Makeover] "Hey, uh - Tai?" Mike creeps up on all fours, "Can I ask a favour? You don't die, right? Not permanently?" He sits up, pushing his hood back. "Could I maul you on Halloween? I'm going as a really violent sort of zombie and that's kind of what they do, and like, You're supposed to scare people." He grins sheepishly. "Assuming I'm making the right sense of things."

"Depends what I’m doin’ with m’li’l bit - she sorta has dibs on me, an’ she ain’t never heard’a Halloween ‘fore, so. I mean, can always jump back, but can’t rightly guarantee you I’ll jump back to the right moment."

He shrugs, tipping his chair back lazily and scanning around the bar - ground level, first, then up high. “Hoy! Kate! Getcher pretty tail over here fer a minute? Needta ask ya somethin’.”

"Hoy, chief?" He's using the door. Tai's actually using the door for once. He even knocked - not that he bothered to wait for an answer before poking his head in. "All due respect, y'get a break today? 'Cause if not, I got lunch if y'want it." Lunch, dinner, supper, breakfast, it's all the same thing right?


Darck lifts a brow.

"I uh. I don’t take breaks often, but i took my break earlier. I usually take meals while working, be it here on papers, or out in the field."

"Eh." This gets a shrug, only half-visible through the door gap. "Well I broughtcha food anyhow. Ribs - dropped by my niece’s bar, got ‘em fresh." An arm’s snaked through the gap in the door, holding up a thick paper bag.

Honestly at this point it might be worth questioning how he’s managing to not fall over.

"Heard angry-boss, figured I’d come bearin’ offerin’s an’ sacrifice, y’know? Figured this beats the heck outta a live chicken. ‘Sides, ain’t like we usually get a chance to shoot the breeze. Figured I’d take a break from bein’ yer headache fer a bit."

“‘Course, if the lack’a mayhem worries you, I got a great prank idea involvin’ a tuba, a bunch’a koi fish, an’ the M.I.T…” He’s grinning enough that he’s probably bullshitting that last bit.


[Muse meaning meme] "Hope."


What does my Muse mean to yours?


"Y’grabbed fate by the throat an’ hurled it onto another path, kickin’ an’ screamin’ the whole way, an’ stared it down till y’made it submit." He’s smiling, that gentle, undeniably proud smile.

"I din’t have a plan when I came back - hell I din’t even know I could. I din’t have any clue what to do, din’t know how I was gonna save my family. Only thing I knew was y’were the start, an’ that if I told you anythin’ ‘bout what happened, any real information, it’d ruin everythin’. I had to pin everythin’ on the hope that you were even half as clever an’ determined as the stories described you."

"An’ to say you exceeded expectations’d be a gross understatement.”

"S’pose, thinkin’ ‘bout it, ‘hope’ mightn’t be the right word, anymore…" His head tilts thoughtfully. "Y’get things done. You’re a cynic to the bone an’ pessimistic to boot, but damned if y’don’t get things done."

"I mean, I ain’t exactly the religious type. Heh, position I’m in - not ‘xactly a lotta things for me to put my faith in, huh?"

"But sure as the sunrise, I believe in you."

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